About The Owner: I am a retired U.S. Air Force aircraft mechanic, disabled veteran, retired meat cutter, and musician.

Incentives! A coupon worth 5% off total purchase will be emailed to newly registered customers!

Repeat Buyers & Businesses will receive an additional 2% discount when more than one purchase is made, on separate days, during a 6 month period! That savings will be applied on the third purchasing visit.

Free Shipping on most products! Click on the "Free Shipping" link at the top of the category pages. Flat rate shipping charges are added back into the price of the product and these products are labeled as free shipping...semantics:). I pay a partial amount of flat rate shipping and UPS shipping on many products...descriptions fully disclose the amount.

Suppliers and Manufacturers: Do you want to list your products here? Space is available for your branding logo at the top of category and subcategory pages. Contact me if you are interested in selling your products on my website and we'll work out the details.

Credit Worthiness and Risk Assessment: My services are timely, accurate, and dependable. While I do not use services like D&B or Axiom to monitor and report on my business, I do guarantee you that I am legitimate and do my dead level best to provide services in a very satisfactory manner.

My personal credit rating is above board and always has been.

I'd love to do business with any manufacturer or supplier who is willing to work diligently with me to ensure the success of both of our ventures!
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