EZ-Feeds DSDI-To-Zencart Data Management System

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The basic program is free if you purchase at least one add-on.

I will email you the program once payment is received.

If you want to purchase the entire code and take over development, contact me and we'll negotiate a price. I have put a lot of work into this program over 6 years. $25,000 will buy it if you want it.

Basic Program:

  • Retrieves free data feed and loads products to your database.
  • All products are put into an uncategorized folder. You will have to create your own categories and move products to them (Unless you purchase my category structure).
  • Updates product status, price and quantities if an image is available for the product.
  • Provides in-depth reporting on your your data feed updates.
  • Exports the minimum data you need to recover from a crash (if one ever occurs).
  • Removes trash records. I.E. Bad pricing, missing descriptions, incomplete records, etc.
  • Extensive help files.

The complete program is an incredibly powerful and easy to use software for managing data imports and exports, image re-sizing, updates, product organization, categorizing, sitemap building, meta tag management, and everything else involved with the daily operations of your Zencart!

You can leave your spread sheet program behind! The data feeds are automatically formatted to go into your database...leaving you more time to focus on marketing, SEO, and sale making!

The software has been (and is continually) under development...it has been since Zencart versions 1.5 and is currently being used on 1.5.5f.

PHP / MYSQLI driven programs provide fast and reliable transfer of data feeds from Dropship Direct. However, the program could easily be adapted to work with any supplier...all you should have to change is the data feed header rows in the appropriate program files.

It is very flexible for working on shared servers. You can adjust how heavy or light of a load you want to place on the server by enabling or disabling the many options provided by the program and by splitting the feed into smaller chunks.

Here is what the "extras" do:

  • Advanced Pricing: Apply shipping cost factor and maximum UPS shipping price threshold to pay for all or a part of shipping if the net profit is high enough. You can limit the lowest MSRP to apply sale prices to. Pricing markup, over wholesale price, can be adjusted by percentage. Finally, you can adjust your minimum profit.
  • Category Builder: This uses the DSDI category structure to set your categories up...It is WYSIWYG. Unfotunately, the feeds are missing over 12,000 categories as of August, 2017, so, I highly recommend purchasing EZ-Feeds categories or the mass product mover instead of choosing the category builder.
  • Database Cleanup: Compares products in the database that are not in the datafeeds, sets the status to 9, and deletes the products from your data base.
  • Display Results: This tool lets you view your updates in an HTML formatted table. What you want displayed can be limited by a number, image path, SKU or about anything you want!
  • DSDI Paid Feed Support: If you are paying DSDI for datafeeds, this will be needed to bring your products into your catalog.
  • EZ-Feeds Categories: If you do not want to spend months putting your products into categories, you will need this or the WYSIWYG category tools. This is the category structure I have developed over the last 5 years. The data feeds have many products in the wrong category. This structure has over 1800 categories while DSDI's is 800. It will get your customers to what they are looking for fast and it is fully customizable! Any new products coming into your catalog will go into an uncategorized folder. You will need the mass product mover to move the new products unless you want to move them one at a time.
  • Featured Products Tools: You can add your products to the featured table one at a time, with the Zencart program, or use this tool to do mass changes during updates. Product quantity and amount of savings over MSRP are the criteria used for determining what will be featured.
  • Image Resizing Tool: This integrates a great piece of code I found on gihub. It optimizes your images for Zencart. Master, small, medium, and large images (and their folders) are created when you run the "Resize Images" option. This option continually monitors for missing and new images and resizes them as needed when new products come in to your catalog. If original master images are larger than 600 pixels, they will be reduced to 600 pixels. The resizing program will not delete any of your images unless you choose to delete the images.
  • Mass Product Mover: Zencart lets you move one product at a time (unless you do it by a folder)...ouch! You will need this if you purchase the basic program or the EZ-Feeds category structure. You can move products by key words, image path, SKU and just about any other way imaginable!
  • Meta Manager: This updates your meta tags to improve SEO!
  • Multiple Shipping Origins: If you are drop shipping from many different warehouses with UPS, this is a must. It will calculate real-time shipping from each location and apply it to the shipping modules.
  • Sitemap Builder: This is SEO on steroids! My Google indexed pages went from 3000 to 21,000 after I implemented this tool! It will delete your old files, create a sitemap index, sitemap files, and store them in the root of your Zencart installation.
  • Subscription: Get updates to this code as it becomes available. This is an annual plan if you are interested.
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