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$40 per hour plus cost of parts, equipment rentals, travel expense, lodging, and any other expenses involved with installing your system...free consult with 25 miles of ZIP Code 28694.

I can help you pump water up hill with no gas or electricity! Yes, it is possible. This is not a scam...I am a 20 year retired Air Force hydraulic mechanic and RAM pump enthusiast. My training prepared me to understand these principles and apply them. I can help you install a system if you have the resources.

RAM pumps operate off of water surge pressure, compressed air, and a series of check valves to move the water up the hill.

My system only has 30 inches of head (fall) and I am getting 1/2 gallon per minute without a fully charged pressure tank at about 10 feet above creek level. With the pressure tank fully charged, I am getting 40 psi and as much flow as any well operated system. That's enough to take a shower, flush a commode, or wash a vehicle.

If you have pasture land higher than your water source, this is a great mechanism for getting the water to your animals!

Contact me if interested.

There are many videos on Youtube if you want to see how they operate.

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